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Sadiq Daba Died While Conducting COVID-19 Test – Wife

 More details has emerged how veteran Nollywood actor, who was best known for the soap Cockcrow at Dawn, Sadiq Daba, died.

The veteran actor died on Wednesday at about 8:30 pm. one of his close friend, Mrs Joe Odumakin, revealed that the actor had been ill for a while before his demise.

Odumakin said, “We have lost Sadiq. It is so painful because I spoke to him a few days ago when his wife became a permanent secretary. I called his number some hours ago but his son picked it. I told him to give the phone to his father but he told me that his father is gone. I had to ask; gone to where?

“His wife just called me now and we spoke. She said that she was at the morgue. I asked what happened and she told me that about a week ago, he had been ill but he had been home and that he went to the hospital late afternoon today.

“She explained that he had not been eating much and that as soon as they got to the hospital, they started conducting different tests on him including COVID-19. They put him on oxygen but he died around 8:30 pm. He was in blockbuster movies like Citation, October 1, among many others

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