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“North ‘ll Suffer Most With Foodstuff Supply Blockade to South”

Thinking of market forces analyst on the food blockade as weapon of negotiation is out.

It is believed that the blockade will not last long because farmers in the North cannot survive without marketing their produce in the South.

The Cross River State Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Mr Asu Okang, has also wave aside, the food supply blockade.

He is firmly of the opinion that
there was no use appealing to those blocking food coming from the north to the south as the blockade would not last long.

He stated, “They can’t block foodstuffs from coming to the South for too long because if you say you are protesting and you won’t go to the market with your food, who suffers?

“That is where tomato comes from. That is where perishable onions come from. That is where perishable carrot and lettuce come from. They are at a loss. I can tell you that it is not the local farmers that are in support of the decision. They won’t be in support because at the end of the day, there won’t be special incentives that will be given to them.

“Nigeria has come to stay as one country and we must understand that no ethnic group is superior to the other. If they decide to hoard what they produce, and the Niger Delta decides to go into that kind of boycott, what will happen? Will there be fuel in the North?”

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