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N2.5m Kept in GTB Customer’s Account Used to Make Online Purchases Without Consent

He added that he changed his ATM card at the bank that day and blocked the old one to avoid a recurrence. These unauthorised transactions did not end here for Atobatele.

“On November 15, multiple debit transactions that totaled N950,000 left my current account to my savings account again and were also used to make purchases online like the last time. When I went to complain at the bank again, they said it was done using my ATM card details,” he said.

“How could that have happened with a new ATM card that I collected the week before and had not used anywhere at the time? My brother helped me write letters to the bank, which they acknowledged. I haven’t heard anything from them since then.”

A copy of the letter written to the manager of a GT Bank branch in Bodija, Ibadan

FIJ contacted GTB on Monday, but they did not respond.

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