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N250,000 Taken From Zenith Bank Customer’s Account Behind His Back


On November 9, Lawerence Ayomide, a Lagos-based resident, was in the banking hall of Zenith Bank, a Nigerian commercial bank, to ginitiate a bulk withdrawal when N250,000 was taken from his account without his consent.

Ayomide told FIJ that he was at the bank’s counter at Alaba International Market, Alaba, Lagos, trying to fill out a withdrawal slip on the counter when he received the debit alert. 

He said the transaction’s description showed the money was withdrawn into a SportyBet account, a sports betting platform.

“On November 9, I was in Zenith Bank to perform a bulk withdrawal when I got a N250,000 debit notification on my phone,” he told FIJ.

“The narration showed that the money was sent to a SportyBet account. I was surprised at this because I do not hold an account with them.

Zenith Bank debit transaction notification

“I immediately alerted the bank officials to the unauthorised debit I received because I did not authorise it. They then told me they would look into it and my money would be refunded. 

“I was so devastated and could not perform the transaction that made me enter the bank in the first place.”

Ayomide said that after he left the premises, he began to follow up with Zenith Bank for a refund via their official communication channels but there had been no concrete resolution.

“After I left their premises, I reached out to them via X and told them my job was at stake if the money was not refunded, which was truly the case, and they told me they were investigating it,” said Ayomide.

Screenshots of some of his conversations with the bank
Screenshots of some of his conversations with the bank

“I also reached out via email, and they still said they were looking into it. It is six months down the line, and Zenith Bank is yet to provide explanations as to how my money crawled out of my account without my consent.” 

When FIJ sent an email to Zenith Bank for details about the status of Ayomide’s unauthorised transaction on Friday, they asked that the customer reach out to them himself.

However, Ayomide said when he did, they said they were still investigating the issue.

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