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“You Are Not My God” – Barber Slams Davido After Being Mocked For Missing His Generational Blessing


In a recent development, a Nigerian barber known as Kallystouch on instagram has replied singer Davido after the artist called him out for missing his generational blessing.


The entire story started when this barber known as Calistus Chisom Okolie took to Davido’s Instagram page to drop a comment.


Davido took to his page to share some lovely photos which showcased his memories in Dubai. While people gushed and hailed him, this young barber took to the comment section to call him 003, implying that he was the third biggest Nigerian artist.

This obviously did not sit well with Davido who immediately slammed the barber.

The singer told the Barber that the said Barber would have been the person to cut his hair when he came to Abuja and that he had single-handedly helped his three barbers boost their business.

He went on to state that the barber has ended up missing his generational blessing.


Responding to this, the Barber expressed that Davido was not his God. He also revealed that he had no regrets for what he had said and that he is a core Wizkid fan. He also states that when the time is right for him, he will blow.


“I don’t have any regret in what I said, I never dreamt of Barbing Davido, he is not my God, and his not my helper, when the time is right I go blow.

Wizkid still remains my 001 Forever till death”

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