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Netizens Unearth Video Of Don Jazzy Mocking Wizkid’s Stage Performance


The drama Wizkid started a few days ago doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, as the plot just keeps getting thicker.


Some ‘investigative’ netizens scoured the internet, and they found a video of Don Jazzy mocking Wizkid’s style of performing on stage.

In the video, Don Jazzy could be heard saying that Wizkid cannot perform on stage without splashing water on everybody.

The record label boss went on to say that his own artists do it sometimes, while Wizkid does it everytime.

In praising another artist’s stage presence, Don Jazzy went on to say that Burnaboy has a good stage presence, and that his performance is on another level.


Don Jazzy wasn’t wrong when he said that Wizkid splashed water on the crowd while performing, as this has become his signature move over the years. He does it by opening a bottle of water and splashing around in the crowd, while dancing.

In the comment section, some of Wizkid’s fans have held on to this video, claiming that this was the reason behind Wizkid shading Don Jazzy, and calling him an influencer.


latifachuks wrote, “Wizkid sees all their shades but remains quiet but when he talks, he’s the bad guy. Y’all will be fine.”


mayorsoj wrote, “This is not even about stanship or anything. .. But Wizkid has never come for anybody unprovoked. He sees everything. Everyone he has ever trolled has been throwing

shades at him for months or years. The problem is… Wizkid doesn’t forgive.”

rosythrone wrote, “Truly Wizkid has never come for anyone unprovoked! Baba that doesn’t even react to things. I’m a proud FC forever”


big_nimms wrote, “I am always happy Wizkid has loyal fans, life would have been very tough FC”


brendanukagod wrote, “Even though is not about this one in particular because i don’t see the reason why DON JAZZY signee will come for wizkid and y’all turn into deef ears? Am not a fan but Don should caution his home and fix those kids and Wizkid coming to him shows he rather go for bigger fish than rant with smaller ones”


dedejiofficial wrote, “Don jazzy insulted Wizkid last year, but people will never see it because they’re p*****y st*****n hyprocites. Thev’re all blinded by giveaways.”

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