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“So Funny How The Whole Industry Scared Of A 4 ft Nigga” – Davido Shares As He Continues To Drag Wizkid


Davido may have sang unavailable, but he has dedicated a lot of time to shading his colleague Wizkid during their online banter.

In a recent post, the Grammy nominee wrote;


“AINT SHIT DROPPING I HAVE HITS!! HE DONT!! TELL HIM LETS DROP FRIDAY TOGETHER!! IF DEM BORN HIM WELL HE SHOULD DROP IM READY!! I GOT 80 HITS IN THE CAN READY!! AYO PLEASE!! ACTIVATE ME!! NO FT!! SOLO SHORT BITCH! So funny how the whole industry scared of a 4ft nigga me I short too oo but if u see am in person u go just giggle idiot!!!”


Wizkid’s words must have cut Davido deep because he has chosen to openly insult him, instead of shading him.


Davido’s post spoke about Wizkid not having a hit song, and he dared him to release a song without featuring anyone on it.

While he was at it, Davido bragged about having eighty hit songs in storage, and he coaxed Wizkid to release his own hit song.

After that, Davido went about musing why the entire music industry was scared of Wizkid, who happens to be 4ft tall, according to Davido’s analysis.


He went on to say that he’s also short, but should anyone see Wizkid in person, they’ll laugh at him.


During their entire fight, it has become notable that Wizkid didn’t throw personal insults at Davido, but the latter has decided to throw caution to the wind, as he has sent series of insults to Wizkid.

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