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Man Calls Out Reno Omokri’s Nephew For R#ping His Daughter


In a new and shocking development, a man has taken to the X-Platform to accuse Reno Omokri’s cousin of allegedly raping his daughter.


The man, known as BlessedDan on Twitter, drew the public’s attention to this alleged rape case. He further states that his daughter was raped by the man who surprisingly happens to be a pastor.


He revealed that he got to know about this ordeal a week ago. He stressed on the fact that the case was now in court, but that his pain is that the rapist has been released and granted bail.

He went on to hammer on the fact that this was all because this man happens to be a nephew of Reno Omokri and he learned that his father or mother was once a judge, hence there are so many connections to it.


He slammed this pastor for being a dog who told his daughter not to tell anyone and that if she does, she will suffer from kidney failure. He went on to boldly list this pastor’s name as well as the church that he serves in as he cried out for justice. In his words, he had this to say,


“Please,I want to draw the attention of the public to an alleged rape case.

My daughter was raped by her pastor.


I got to know a week ago. We are divorced, so the children stayed with their mom.


The case is in court, but my pain is that the alleged rapist was granted bail. This is because he is connected.


He is a nephew of @renoomokri and learned his father or mom was a judge. This dog told my daughter not to tell anyone.


If she doesn’t,she will suffer from kidney failure. My daughter trusted him because he was her pastor. His name is Isaac Omokri. The Nuture Centre (church) I went to the venue of the church but learned it had closed because of the case.

My daughter is seriously traumatised and dropped out of school because of that.


She needs justice. Please don’t fail, my daughter.”

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