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“It Is Time For You To Practice Forgiveness Christians Preach” — Lady Tells Nathaniel Bassey Over His Petition


Nigerian lady begs Nathaniel Bassey to let sleeping dogs lie over his petition to sue Netizens who claimed Mercy Chinwo’s baby was his.


Mercy Chinwo and her husband, Blessed Uzochikwa had finally shared photos of their baby they had in 2023 this year.


However, the photos were met with so many reactions, with some internet users claiming that the baby doesn’t belong to Blessed.

Many went as far as warning her husband to carry out a DNA test as they believe the babe bears a striking resemblance to Nathaniel Bassey.

The gospel singer and his lawyers went ahead to make a petition to the police, over defamation of character with proof and evidence as well as a list of people involved.


While one of the people involved was explaining that he only reposted a post he saw on Facebook, Twitter user, @TrulyDearest_, begged Nathaniel Bassey to drop the case.

According to her, it was his chance to practice forgiveness as it is preached in the Bible.


She wrote;


“@nathanielblow it is now to demonstrate to Nigerians what Christians have been preaching about which is forgiveness. You have to prove it now.


Same people that are pushing you to sue will be the ones that will be condemning you if you go ahead with the case. Let the sleeping dog lie.”


Her post below:

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