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“I’m In Awe Of Your Heart” – Tems Reacts To Justin Bieber Supporting Her Music


Nigerian singer Tems was in awe, when Hollywood music heartthrob Justin Bieber posted one of her recent songs on his Instagram page.

In the comment section, Tems stated how she was in awe of Justin Bieber’s heart, while showing her gratitude.


This isn’t the first time Justin Bieber and Tems have come in contact, as they have worked together several times.


On the remix of Essence by Wizkid, both Tems and Justin Bieber were featured, and it made waves globally, just like the first song.


Apart from being on a song together, Justin Bieber and Tems have also performed on stage together, at the Coachella festival 2024.


This support from Justin Bieber shows just how much Tems’ music has grown worldwide, and has hit the foreign scene.

On the matter of Tems’ music hitting the foreign scene, South African singer Tyla recently gushed over her, during an interview, in which she openly gave Tems accolades.


The talented singer recently teased and album release, and it has already received a lot of positive feedback from her fans.


Tems hit the music scene a few years ago with her hit song Mr Rebel, and it has been upwards since then.


She brought in a new wave of Afro RnB that Nigerians were quick to adapt to and accept.


Tems’ sound was so unique that when Ayra Starr became popular, people often compared her to Tems, stating that she was trying to copy her style.

The comparison between both singers has been going on for a long time now, but it hasn’t affected the professional relationship. Although they haven’t been seen been cozy with each other often, none of them has openly thrown shade at the other.


In fact, their recent link up in a video posted by Ayra Starr has managed to quell down the comparison and rumors that they aren’t in good terms.


Their link up started a fresh wave of rumors, which postulated that both singers are working on a song together, and the video was just a hint.

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