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“I Bin De Run Am Before” – Peruzzi Responds To Rumors That Davido Paid Him For Writing His Songs With Old Clothes


In a recent interview with comedian turned podcaster Bae_U, Peruzzi was asked about the payment method for his songwriting deal with Davido.


Peruzzi was asked if the rumors were true that Davido paid him for his songwriting skills with clothes that he has worn in the past.

He responded by laughing, and he said he did so in the past, but not anymore. This question stemmed from the fact that there were rumors that Davido gifted his used close to Peruzzi as payment for writing most of his songs. As unbelievable as those rumors look, it spread really fast and has been going round for years.


As the interview went on, Bae-U asked Peruzzi why he trends more when he drops sarcastic remarks on Twitter, instead of when he released music. Peruzzi responded by saying that those sarcastic remarks are what people like and enjoy.

The question about Peruzzi trending because of sarcastic remarks stems from Peruzzi’s online presence on Twitter. He often responds to trolls on social media without missing a beat, and that is one of the things he’s known for.


On the matter of songwriting for Davido, Peruzzi is the mastermind behind many of Davido’s songs, as he was the one that wrote, or sometimes, co-wrote them.

Apart from writing songs for Davido, Peruzzi has been featured on a good number of Davido’s song, and his lyrics in those songs were quite catchy.


For a while, Peruzzi was often seen around Davido, as they traveled, hung out, and performed together. However, over the past few years, both parties have scarcely been seen around each other.


There’s obviously no bad blood between them, as Peruzzi has often come to Davido’s defense whenever he’s being dragged online.


Apart from being a talented wordsmith when it comes to music, not much is known about Peruzzi’s personal life. He has maintained a low key profile, only popping out to drop sarcastic remarks on Twitter.

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