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GWR: Nigerian Woman Breaks Record With 55-hour Marathon Interview


A Nigerian social media entrepreneur, Clara Kronborg, has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest interviewing.

Kronborg, who grew up in Onitsha, a metropolitan city in Anambra State, shattered the record with an average time of 55 hours and 24 seconds, beating the previous record holder, Rob Oliver from the United States, who did 37 hours and 44 minutes in 2022.


She hosted a talk show on YouTube titled “Women’s World Show,” on which she interviewed 90 people of various nationalities and occupations, including politicians, business owners, content creators, actors, real estate agents, and many others.

The conversations centred on how each guest succeeded in their respective field.

Speaking with Guinness World Records on what inspired her to embark on the journey, the Nigerian-born host said, “This record attempt was about bringing together diverse individuals, sharing their inspiring narratives, and forging meaningful connections on a global scale.


“I am committed to amplifying voices, particularly those of hardworking women, and using their stories to inspire others facing similar challenges.”

Kronborg’s record attempt took place on a docked yacht in the Spanish city of Marbella, where she currently lives.


She claimed to have faced several difficulties during her record attempt due to heavy rainstorms.

She says her voice became “very hoarse and rusty”, but she avoided losing it by drinking lots of water.


As with all ‘longest marathon’ record attempts, accrued five minutes of rest time after each hour of interviewing; only during these breaks was she permitted to nap, change her clothes, or go to the bathroom.


So, to compensate for the large volume of water she was consuming, Kronborg wore adult diapers throughout her record attempt.


“Even worse, my period started the same day, and I was already having intense menstrual cramps,” she revealed.

“At some point, I was literally dripping pee and period stain, but I persevered and kept my eyes on the goal. To anyone who ever reads this, once you find your purpose, go after it with everything you’ve got.”


Aside from Kronborg, another Nigerian who set the pace for a record-breaking attempt in recent times was chess master Tunde Onakoya.


Onakoya broke the record of Norwegian players Hallvard Haug Flatebø and Sjur Ferkingstad, who played for 56-hour and 9-minute in 2018, by reaching a 58-hour target.


The challenge started on Wednesday, April 17 to April 20, 2024, at New York City’s iconic Times Square, United States.

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