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“Bobrisky No Talk Since O” Very Dark Man Mocks Bobrisky For Being Silent Ever Since His Release From Prison


A few weeks ago, Very Dark Man was tendering an apology to Bobrisky but it seems that he doesn’t have a care about reconciliation anymore, as he has taken to Instagram to mock the famous cross dresser once again.

In a recent post, Very Dark Man called out Bobrisky for being silent ever since his return. He also stated that Bobrisky will learn not to fight with someone who has nothing to lose.

The fight Very Dark Man was referring to in his post happened before he was arrested. After his arrest, Bobrisky has been notably silent about the issue, and some might argue that Bobrisky has good reason because he just concluded a fight with Portable, so he might be taking a break from online squabbles.

Very Dark Man has taunted Bobrisky quite a number of times ever since he regained his freedom. The first time was when he urged the Nigerian Police Force to arrest Bobrisky within a week, or he’ll take drastic measures. The drastic measures Very Dark Man talked about was dressing up like a woman, and following ‘hajiyas’ into female only bathrooms.


Secondly, Very Dark Man started referring to himself as ‘mummy of Abuja’, and this was a direct jab at Bobrisky because he often refers to himself as the ‘mummy of Lagos’.


The most recent taunt being Very Dark Man calling Bobrisky out over his silence since his release. Some might say that his arrest fueled his determination to fight with Bobrisky and that might just be true, because he has been on a never ending parade to drag Bobrisky.

It is quite unusual for Bobrisky to stay silent when being called out, but he has remained mute, even though Very Dark Man has been dragging him through the mud. What do you think of Bobrisky’s silence?

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