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“Wizkid Talks Much For An Artist Struggling To Drop Hits” Daniel Regha Slams Biggest Bird


In a recent development, controversial Twitter personality Daniel Regha has slammed Wizkid following his recent social media tirades.


Taking to the X-platform, Daniel Regha expressed that Wizkid was talking too much for an artist who was still struggling to drop hits.

He further revealed that it was very insulting of him to downgrade Afrobeat all in the name of making a new album or evolving. He also expressed that the world listened to his last EP and that he had no lyrical directions.

He advised that even if Wizkid wanted to switch from Afrobeat songs to another genre, he could do that without being disrespectful to Afrobeat.


“Wizkid talks much for an artiste who strugg!es to drop hits, & it’s very Insulting to downgrade Afrobeats in the name of making a new album or evolving (which he has not done since his Superstar era). Again, the world listened to his last EP that had no lyrical direction.

If he wants to switch from Afrobeats that’s fine, but he came to limelight doing Afrobeats & should respect that, including music from his first album which made its mark. Maturity is respecting ur old fans while trying to gain new/bigger audience. No shades.”

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