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“Help Me” Burnaboy Playfully Asks For Help As Ivorians Claim Him As Theirs Following Nigeria’s Loss At AFCON 2023

 Losing at the AFCON 2023 was clearly not on Nigeria’s bingo card, but fans are taking it in stride regardless, including celebrities like Burnaboy.

The award winning singer responded to a tweet by an X app user with the social media handle Zeven, who made a post, talking about Burnaboy’s transfer to Ivory Coast.

Burnaboy reacted to Zemen’s post with a hilarious response, calling for help, stating that they should help him, and that he doesn’t know where they’re taking him to.

This statement may seem confusing to readers who aren’t abreast with trends on social media.

However, here’s a quick refreshment for your memory. Burnaboy’s response is a popular saying by Nigerians when they know that they’ve lost control over something.

It was culled from a trending video where an officer was asking for help after trying to engage a motorist to stop their car, but ended up being driven away. This video became popular that Asake used it as an intro for one of his songs.

Regarding Burnaboy’s transfer to Ivory Coast, it would be right to say that it was Nigerians that started it.

Recall that when Nigeria won against South Africa in the semi-finals for AFCON 2023, they claimed South African singer Tyla, and a host of their other top artists as their own, as part of the spoils of war.


Claiming a musician from another basically part of an online banter between both countries that was downright hilarious, and Ivorians are playing the same cards against Nigerians.

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