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“He’s a master of match making” – Tweep offers to link Cuppy with Lege Miami for $1M


After lamenting about her single status, a tweep has made a limited offer of $1M to the billionaire heiress, Cuppy, to connect her to Lege Miami so that he can help find a suitable man for her.

DJ Cuppy. Photo source: Twitter.

It would be recalled that the 30-year-old had gone online to lament about how being childless and single in one’s 30’s can be a very terrible condition.

One netizen, @MikaelCBernard, took pity and offered to point him in the direction of the popular match maker, Lege Miami to help her find a man for her.

However, the caveat being that she would have to pay him $1M to link her to Lege Miami.

Lege Miami

The netizen added that it was Lege Miami that allegedly connected Seyi Tinubu with his wife.

@MikaelCBernard said:

“Cuppy I have someone for you. His name is Lege Miami. He connected Seyi Tinubu to his wife.

If you can pay me $1M, I can link you up with him. Hes a master of match making.

This offer is limited”

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