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FG assures of more funding for health research

The Minister of State for Health and Social Welfare, Dr.Tunji Alausa, on Thursday, said the Federal Government would improve health outcomes and allocate funds for national health infrastructure and research to create a stronger healthcare system in the country.


Alausa made this known during the inauguration of the National Health Research Committee in the Yaba Local Government Area of Lagos State on Thursday.


He added that the growth of health care in the country can be achieved by utilising strategic alliances, technological investments, and the promotion of an inquisitive culture, to tackle the distinct health issues of the country.


He said, “Our vision for health research in Nigeria is anchored in the pursuit of excellence, innovation, and inclusivity. We envision a nation where cutting-edge research becomes the cornerstone of our healthcare system. Through strategic partnerships, investment in technology, and fostering a culture of inquiry, we aim to harness the power of knowledge to address the unique health challenges that our diverse population faces.”

The minister noted that the goal of the federal government is to establish a setting where researchers, physicians, and public health experts can collaborate to develop solutions that cut across national boundaries and enhance global health.


“In this vision, health research is not just a scientific endeavour but a dynamic force that propels us toward evidence-based policies and practices. We aspire to create an environment where our researchers, clinicians, and public health professionals work hand in hand to pioneer solutions that transcend borders, contributing to global health advancements.


“Our vision for health research in Nigeria is deeply rooted in the recognition that knowledge is the bedrock of a robust and effective healthcare system,” he said.


The PUNCH earlier reported that Alausa said the Federal Government would digitalise the healthcare system for better health outcomes.


He also said the government would increase funding for research and digitalising the health system would help to facilitate accurate data to improve the sector in line with the ‘Renewed Hope Agenda’ of President Bola Tinubu.


The Chairman of the committee, Olufumilayo Olapade, stated that it will take the nation two years to advance its technological capabilities to promote health-related research with government backing.


She added, “Research and data is everywhere as much as you put the necessary resources in place. Artificial Intelligence is there, and we are building everything better and smarter.


It will not take us forty years to do it, rather it will take us up to two years as long as we work together. We have a good government that is ready to put all of these in place.”


She further stated that Africa has the youngest labour force in the world, therefore, it is ahead of the game.


“This is a committee that can do transformation at work. I spent the pandemic working with collaborators. All eyes are on Africa to be our moment to shine in science and technology. We have to keep working hard to get resources and we are already ahead of the game. Nigerians are everywhere in the world and Africa has the youngest workforce in the world and every company will come to Africa,” she noted.

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