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“Don’t Play With God, I am Not One To Be Dared” Davido Sends Message To Those Who Underestimate Him As He Lists Out His Wins


Afrobeats star David Adeleke better known as Davido has sent a message to his naysayers and those who underestimate him.


The Afrobeat singer, who recently shut down the 02 Arena in London, told his haters and critics never to play with God.


Listing out his wins, he noted how people mocked him for not having a Grammy nomination and now he has it. He noted how they said he doesn’t have Billboard Hot 100 entry, UK Certification, 100m on Spotify, and much more, but he has proved them wrong.


Noting how they will never learn, Davido told his haters to stop daring him as he will relegate their fave and lock them in the city.


“He’d never be Grammy-nominated. “He proved them wrong

No Billboard Hot 100 entry.” He achieved it.


No UK Certification.” He secured it.


100 million on Spotify.” He exceeded it.


They never learn. Davido isn’t one to be dared. Hell relegate your face and lock up the city.


Don’t play with God”.

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