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“You don do DNA?” – Nigerian dad raises eyebrows online as he inks handsome child’s face onto his chest


A Nigerian dad has tattooed the face of his beautiful son on his chest as a display of his fatherly love, an act which has garnered attention online.

In the video, the child’s face was initially sketched on his chest before a tattoo artist meticulously inked the portrait.

The endearing image of the boy on his father‘s chest received praise for the display of paternal love

However, some questioned the father’s decision, expressing concerns about what might happen if he discovers the child isn’t biologically his.

Numerous individuals have taken to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video.

Here are some of the reactions:

OLIVE💞🎉💝: “‎You don do DNA?”

Reeyah: “‎He don do DNA? asking respectfully ooo.”

Vivian Onyeka: “‎What if u born another one he go still tattoo am??”

Honey gold: “‎Just asking oo what if u later do dna and his not ur son what will happen so sorry for the questions pls.”

Horey beauty: “‎This is cute🥰🥰 but he should be ready to tattoo other kids too cause jealousy go much oo”

thickass: “‎My baby daddy did the same on his back🥰🥰god bless all responsible dad out there.”

KWINMOREBERRY: “‎Sorry what if you still give birth for more 3 or 2 kids ,he go still tattoo them for his body ?”

HANNY: “‎Omo the tattoo artist did a very good job👏🏼👍🏻..but imagine e nor come draw well,dead body for surplus.”

OMA👑: “‎so guys dey get wild stretch marks too??… after dem go dey abuse ladies wey get am.”

Kim’s Accessories: “‎So other children wey una go born go come jealous abi?abi he go draw all of dem face for him body?”

Gold: “‎Hypocrites everywhere💯, you don’t like it, then moveeee. This is so beautiful, God bless him💯.. Now I want a tat of my daughter’s name so bad.”

——-ADUNI ADE——-: “‎Na them female Dey shout you don do DNA Na everybody go be like Una wey no sabi who Una born for Awon oloshi.”

she is korent: “‎Abeg no try born plenty oooo😂😂😂 or else he go use baby head cover emm body 😂😂 the tattoo is cute tho.”

Sonia Daniels621: “‎You people are just too bitter in this comment section, Nigeria done mess una mental health too much.”


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