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” All I Want Is Peace” Davido Cries Out After Facing Backlash For Promoting Wizkid’s New Song

 Davido, who days back reconciled with his rival, Wizkid has found himself in hot trouble with his millions of fans.

The Grammy nominee had taken to the micro-blogging platform to show his support for his rival by promoting his new song, which didn’t sit well with his fans.


Davido tweeted, “New Wiz Friday!!! Wtf!!! Replay all weekend!!”.

A fan of his slammed him for always giving room for his rivals to use him as he tweeted, “Davido u dey gba fr”.


Replying to him, Davido reminded him that he is in his 30s and as such desires peace.

“Your father dey gba. Nah u know I’m 31 years old. I want peace”.



Another of his fans added that Davido makes it hard for his fans to support him. “This man low-key dey make stanship hard person o. Wo make I go back to my simping and bombing jare”.


Davido replied him, telling him to fuck off as he isn’t a real fan.


“Fuck off then…Ur not a fan”, he tweeted.

See some reactions from netizens below,


One King Official Atalist wrote, “I even know tay tay say Davido na good person, so am not surprised!! Mind you Davido is not perfect but na sure person na why God dey bless am


One Hey Bosei wrote, “Y’all need to chill. Davido and Wizkid have been through so much. Abeg allow them


One Drbrightt wrote, “Imagine putting your Father up for drags on Twitter by a Celeb. Your papa suffered for life, and still suffer for Social Media join


One Pluto Out Of Heree wrote, “Ow you can see 30bg are the toxic ones. The same Wizkid posted Davido’s album when it came out oh. But 30bg hates Wizkid so much they are crying Davido posted about Wizkid. Focus used fans

One Bieber Swity wrote, “These ones are not his fans, a real 30bg we know ourselves and it’s all love for our 001


One Adunni Ade wrote, “This stanship whatever con be like cult groups. I don’t understand them Tbh, is he supposed to hate Wizkid or what? Kini gbogbo nonsense yi


One Golden Nf wrote, “Let peace reign, it’s not FC anymore and it’s not 30bg anymore. It’s now 30FC. One love


One Sammie Dave wrote, “30bg needs to chill TF out, so many insults on David, why? Get used to David’s kind heart or get TF out of 30bg.

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