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US Warns Citizens Of Terror Threats In Nigeria, Asks Them To Avoid Major Hotels

The US says there are “elevated threats” to major hotels in Nigeria’s “larger cities”.

This was contained in an emergency information for American citizens dated November 3.

The advisory said the Nigerian security agencies are working to counter the threat.

It said US citizens should exercise vigilance at major hotels, be alert of their surroundings, keep a low profile, and review the travel advisory for Nigeria before checking into any hotels.

The U.S. Government is aware of credible information that there is an elevated threat to major hotels in Nigeria’s larger cities,” the notice reads.


“The Nigerian security services are working diligently to counter the threat.


“The U.S. Department of State advises U.S. citizens to consider this information when arranging lodging or visiting major hotels in Nigeria.”

It also provided the addresses and telephone numbers of the US embassy in Abuja and consulate in Lagos should any US citizen require help.


In October, the US advised all its citizens worldwide to exercise restraint in travelling to various locations around the world. Nigeria was listed under the third tier of caution alert (Reconsider to travel).

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