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“My Weight Loss Was Natural” Teni On Her Intense Fear Of Surgery

 Nigerian singer Teni has recently addressed rumors suggesting that her impressive weight loss was a result of surgery. The truth, as she passionately explains, is far from the rumors circulating online.

As speculation about her recent weight loss swirled, Teni has decided to set the record straight and share her story.


Rumors had circulated that her remarkable change was the result of surgery, but Teni has taken the opportunity to clarify the truth.

In a candid interview, the “Billionaire” singer confirmed that her weight loss was entirely natural. She revealed that it was her sheer determination and willpower that led to her transformation, putting to rest any doubts or rumors about surgical interventions. She also urged people that they could do it too.

She believes that her journey can serve as a testament to the fact that anyone can achieve their weight loss goals through hard work and determination.


Her journey to a healthier lifestyle has always been a part of her story.

It’s also essential to acknowledge that Teni isn’t the only public figure who has openly discussed their weight loss journey. Comedienne Real Warri Pikin, also known as Anita Osuoha, made headlines for her impressive weight loss transformation earlier this year. She candidly shared her before-and-after photos on Instagram, providing a glimpse into her remarkable journey.


Real Warri Pikin admitted that it took her some time to muster the courage to discuss her weight loss journey openly. She needed to fully understand and embrace the changes she had undergone, much like Teni.


What’s particularly interesting about Teni’s journey is that it wasn’t just an external pressure that drove her to make healthier choices. Her husband played a significant role in encouraging her to prioritize her health, and their support for each other is evident in her journey.

Let’s recall that some months back, plus-size actress Mona Lisa Stephen had found herself facing criticism after Teni’s dramatic weight loss sparked conversations about body image.

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