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Tinubu Will Not Regret Nominating Me As Minister – Wike

The immediate former governor of Rivers states, Nyesom Wike, has said President Bola Tinubu will not regret nominating him for a ministerial position.


Wike made this remark during the screening of ministerial nominees at the national assembly on Monday.


The former governor said under his leadership, he changed the face of Rivers state, adding that he left office as “a hero”.


He added that his feats as governor can be achieved if an individual has passion and is committed to the welfare of the people.

“As governor, it’s on record in this country, everybody would have testified that I changed the landscape of Port Harcourt. It’s on record. In four years, I constructed 12 flyovers,” Wike said.


“I can say as a governor, in my four years in my second tenure, I’ve never left my state and slept outside my state. I make sure I am in my state to take the challenges, solve problems of my people.”


“These things can be achieved if you are committed and if you have passion for the job.

“There are so many people who want to be minister, governor for the sake that I was a governor. But there are those who say ‘look, what do I want to offer? Am I committed to this job?


“And I promise Mr president, for nominating me, I believe knowing how hungry Mr President is to solve the problems of Nigerians, we have no choice but to give him the required support and I can assure you if I’m confirmed in whatever capacity Mr President will not regret nominating me.”

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