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‘If I’m Lying’ best song I’ve ever made, says Burna Boy

 Renowned Afro-fusion singer, Burna Boy, has referred to one of the songs “If I’m Lying” off his latest album, “I Told Them”, as his best creation ever.

In his interview with Zane Lowe while discussing the songwriting and recording process, the New Zealand record producer expressed his thoughts on the song, stating that it may just be Burna Boy’s best output.


He noted: “I think for me, ‘If I’m Lying’ might be the best thing you’ve ever done…for me.”


Validating his opinion, the Grammy-winning singer said: “I feel so too. I agree. I feel like it’s my best song ever.”


Delving into the lyrics of the song and performance, which he described as ‘so beautiful and out of control’, Lowe probed further to know where it was recorded adding; “I can’t imagine it was in a conventional place.”


Affirming the interviewer’s thought, Burna Boy suggested that the story surrounding the song’s recording is the funniest ever.

He went on to unfold how the song came to life while he was on tour in the Caribbean at Saint Martin.


He revealed that ‘If I’m Lying’ happened after he was done with recording his verse on the late Indian rapper, Sidhu Moose Wala’s posthumously released song ‘Mera Na’ with Steel Banglez, the producer, who had flown in from the UK to finish the song with him.


He said: “That night, it rained crazy. So, Banglez goes to the water front and was there for hours in front of the beach just listening to the waters with his laptop. Later on, he comes back and just opens the shit (laptop) and just plays that shit (beat).


“And imagine it was raining and his laptop was open but obviously it’s covered. He had his way and shit. So, the song is spiritual.”


On Friday, August 25, Burna Boy released his seventh album titled, “I Told Them”, which features J. Cole, RZA, Dave, and Seyi Vibez, among others.


It went on to tie a record with Davido’s fourth studio album, “Timeless” by reaching number two on the US Apple Music Top Albums chart.

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