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“Blessing Ceo has the worst BBL I have ever seen” Pretty Mike of Lagos shares his unfiltered opinion on BBL procedures

Socialite Pretty Mike of Lagos cut made headlines by sharing his candid opinion on Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs). In a recent podcast, he expressed his thoughts on individuals who have undergone BBL procedures.

During the interview on a Pulse podcast, Pretty Mike was asked to comment on BBLs within the industry. When questioned about whose BBL he admired, he pointed out influencer Koko By Khloe as an example of a great BBL. He also said he chose her because she was really close to him.

However, the conversation took a direct turn when the interviewer asked Pretty Mike about the worst BBL he had seen. Without hesitation, he called out Blessing CEO, also known as Blessing Okoro, stating, “The worst right now is Blessing CEO.”

The straightforward comment has sparked conversations and reactions across social media platforms.

Pretty Mike Of Lagos makes a show stopping entrance at Real Warri Pikin’s wedding

Kemi Filani reported that Nigerian socialite Pretty Mike had stirred up the internet with his dramatic entrance at comedian Warri Pikin’s vow wedding.

On his Instagram page, the controversial socialite shared a video of his arrival at the ceremony, which included a human sacrifice.

He attended the event with a cooking pot filled with soup, accompanied by maids carrying trays of pepper, tomatoes, leaves, and other ingredients. Additionally, some boys were seen carrying a dwarf as part of his unconventional entrance.

Pretty Mike storms event as one-eyed man leading the blind

Kemi Filani reported that the controversial socialite, Pretty Mike, had triggered a mix of reactions as he made a striking entrance to a wedding ceremony on Saturday, January 29th, 2023, portraying a one-eyed man leading the blind.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Pretty Mike’s grand entrance to the event as the “king of the blind” was captured. He was dressed as a one-eyed man and accompanied by a group of blindfolded ladies.

Describing himself as the king in the realm of the blind, Pretty Mike explained his unconventional appearance. He voiced his belief that society should no longer allow itself to be governed by figurative “one-eyed men.”

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