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BBNaija All Stars: Pere suffers heartbreak, reportedly shed tears in Big Brother’s house (Video)

Pere Egbi, a housemate in the BBNaija Season 8 All-Stars edition show, was reported to have shed tears in the Big Brother house after his conversation with fellow housemate, Cross.

Cross had called Pere for a private discussion where he revealed his intentions to cut off all ties with him in the Big Brother house due to what he had heard from Cee-C.

Cross revealed that Cee-C told him that Pere would not defend his (Cross’s) name if he wasn’t in the show or if he wasn’t around, and due to that, he (Cross) feels it is best to cut off all ties with Pere.

Hours after their conversation, housemates were seen chatting in the kitchen about Pere, where Tolanibaj revealed that it seemed Pere had recently cried.

Also, Lucy, one of the new housemates, was heard asking Pere why his eyes were red.

The statements of the housemates in the video suggested that Pere might have cried over the step taken by Cross.

Meanwhile, concerned Nigerians have taken to the comment page to share their opinions about the issue.

See some reactions below:

spicymami.__: “I know say Pere na bad person but he genuinely cares for cross.”

fayosayemii: “All of a sudden everyone has forgotten pere started this whole game plan. Forgetting that people’s emotions are involved. As much as I feel bad for him & I know he genuinely cares about cross, it’s good to see him have a taste of his own medicine.”

cometh_quinci2: “I have never been a fan of pere but genuinely he doesn’t joke with cross.”

ifedee_vmw: “So cross holds the humanity switch in pere. If pere should turn it off. All of em.”

fw.nathhh: “Pere is a wicked person, Cross has reasons to doubt his loyalty.”

creed____01: “HM are against him thats why they broke brotherhood with Cross. Dont worry General we are here for you.”

iam_karl3x: “People like PERE who r logical n very strategic if they love sm1 Dey love deeply and if Dey no send u Dey can f u up anyhow.Cross never know Wetin dey do am! How’d he even believe what cee c said! The fact they are all forgetting it’s a game! Leave emotions aside! Nawa!”


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