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Actress Mary Njoku lashes women for constant feuds


Actress Mary Njoku has lashed out women for having little or no tolerance and allowing gossips to destroy their relationships.

The screen star, in a post on her Instagram page, stated that little misunderstanding and misconception amongst women always end up as long-time feud.

Njoku advised people should learn to let go of words not said to their faces and learn to tolerate each other adding it is the only way they can grow together.

She wrote: “African women are so petty to each other. Small misunderstanding, 5 years of malice. I heard you said I am yellow, are you green? I texted you but you ignored, there is a chance I missed it.

“You think you are better than me, sister! How do you know what I am thinking? You de inside my heard She said you said I heard what you said, has destroyed sisterhood.

“Dem say dem say, if she didn’t/can’t say it to your face, rest let learn to tolerate each other the way we tolerate our men. That’s the only way we can grow together.”

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