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Singer Charly Boy Chides Northern Youths For Burning Posters With Davido’s Photo (Video)


Veteran singer, Charles Oputa better known as Charly Boy has berated Northern youths for burning posters of Davido’s photos.


It was reported last weekend that Davido, via his social media pages, promoted the music video of his new signee, Logos Olori.


However, the video didn’t sit well with many, as some internet users accused him of disrespecting Islamic beliefs and practices.


The controversial music video in question featured Logos Olori’s new song titled “Jayelo.”

The video, which was shot in a Mosque-like scene, depicted scenes where some men in white Jalabiya, were observing prayers. After the prayers, the men switched to dancing as they recited some Quranic verses and prayed.

The artist, on his part, imitated the Muslim style of praying while perched on the roof of the building.


Many faithful Muslims had deemed the video offensive and had taken to social media to drag him.

To them, prayer mats hold deep religious significance as they symbolize the sacred act of Salah, a divine connection with the Almighty. As such, any action that could be interpreted as disrespectful or mocking of this holy practice is considered highly offensive.


Some urged Davido to take the video down and apologize, while others expressed their concern over what they perceived as a desecration of sacred elements.


Some Northern took the controversial video to the extreme as they took to the streets to burn all posters carrying Davido’s picture.

Charly Boy reacts

Reacting to it, Charly Boy berated them for the ‘childish’ behavior.

He questioned if Davido was responsible for the increase in poverty in the North.

Charly Boy added that if they were indeed provoked by the video, they should go to court.

“Abegi, make we hear word. Una dey burn Davido picture, una life don better?
Abi na Davido dey increase poverty for North?
Una Allah wey dey do local runs for Northern Nigeria never travel go Dubai. See as correct Muslims dey live?
Abegi, if e pain una reach, go to court. Nonsense”.


“He owes no apology to Muslims” Wole Soyinka defends Davido against massive backlash

Similarly, Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, had urged Davido not to apologize to the Muslim community.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Soyinka gave reasons why Davido shouldn’t apologize to them.

He cited how the former Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El Rufai had made derogatory comments against Christians in the past but was never asked to apologize.

The literary icon also cited scenes from Whoopi Goldberg’s SISTER ACT, as well as noted how it wasn’t Davido’s music that lynched Deborah Yakubu, a second-year Christian college student who was killed by a mob of Muslim students in Sokoto last year over alleged blasphemy.


Soyinka advised Nigerians to learn to distinguish practitioners from their objects of devotion.

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