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Destiny Etiko Curses Impersonator Over Adoption Claim

Actress Destiny Etiko has blown hot over an alleged erroneous claim by an impersonator about her supposed desire to adopt a child rather than birth one.

Etiko said someone set up an Instagram account with her name exactly the way it’s written on her verified page and made a false claim that she would not want to have a biological child.

The extremely pissed film star was appalled at the impersonator’s guts to spew such balderdash seeing the issue of life and childbearing is considered sacrosanct in this clime.

Trusting her instinct that the impersonator had to be a man, the 33-year-old actress cursed the man, swearing for his generation, sisters, and anybody close to him.

“The reason a lot of people in this world will never see good, in fact, them no go see heaven. My girlfriend just sent something to me. That’s why I said, if you love me, the only thing you can do for me is to help me report those fake useless accounts that are using my name. This one said ‘Destiny Etiko Fanpage’, using my name on Instagram exactly the way I use it and then you’re cursing yourself, not me”, she said.

“Somebody opened their mouth, knowing fully well that something that has to do with life and children is very very essential. And then somebody opened his mouth because I’m sure a woman will not have such time. All these impersonators moving around the internet.

“This person opened his mouth to say that I, Destiny Etiko said that I would never want to have a biological child of my own. That I would rather adopt. Whoever that wrote that, opened that page and used me to chase clout, God will punish you and your generation. 

“In fact ehn, if you ever have any sister at all, any sibling or anybody close to you, it’s the person that will never have a child of their own. Because you have really come to social media to show how wicked and callous you can be.

“It is not enough that you people are all over social media rubbishing my name. It’s not enough that you create fake pages to impersonate me.

“Even if you must use my name to chase clout must you use something that has to do with a child? Who doesn’t want to have a child?”





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