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“Learn To Respect The Goat” Fans React After Video Of Wizkid’s Garage Surfaces Online


International mega star Wizkid has got fans talking after a video of his garage surfaced online.

It’s ironic that the singer who repeatedly tries to maintain a low-profile life is frequently in the news for various reasons.


Just a few hours ago, a video surfaced online featuring a range of luxurious cars in Wizkid’s garage, including Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Range Rover, and more.

Wizkid’s car collection video has his fans drooling with excitement and expressing their admiration.

A fan wrote: When you are big you are big, haters will come and start crying now


Another wrote: I be think say them say him nor Dey show off o

Another fan penned: Burna should not come close to wizzy


A fan wrote :See cars na. They wanna be more private like us but e no gree them.


A fan wrote : learn to respect the goat


Another fan wrote : Na only wizkid dey always dey, baba no like crowd.


A fan wrote : when you are big you are big, no be by body


Another fan wrote : The richest!


A fan wrote : The green lambo is not there, the rolls royce too


Another fan wrote : Small body, big man doings.


A fan wrote : Only 1 big wiz


Another fan wrote : Small body, big engine.

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