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BBNaija S6 Housemates Undergo First Punishment

Big Brother, on Monday, punished the housemates for flouting orders in the show. This is the first punishment carried out during the Shine Ya Eye season.

In a message via the Head of House, Biggie said that the housemates should have familiarise themselves with the rules of the house by now.

The punishment for the housemates was to separate beans from rice as it was claimed that both grains were accidentally mixed up.


Before the Sunday live show, Biggie told Angel to inform the housemates to get ready and prepared for the show to begin; an order which they did not take seriously.

Biggie also sent Saga to tell the house that they have erred but they still did not it seriously, hence, the punishment.

The rules broken by the housemates also include speaking in hush tones and whispering, as Peace read it all out to them.

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