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Sen. Ojudu Defends Revealing Secret Igboho Kept With Him & Tinubu


Senator Babafemi Ojudu has come out to defend what he spilled out yesterday, as he blew off the lid on a closely guided and  well cocked secret among three men.

He said: “This is my memoir. I deserve the right to whatever I want to put out. It has nothing to do with security. I know some people don’t like it because it put their party, PDP, in bad light. Period!”

But many still disagree with his stand and stance

Femi Akintunde-Johnson , a strong, respected media personality said :”I think it puts the author and his godfather in bad light more. It exposes their desperation to access power by any means available, no matter how dishonourable.”

Another public opinion analyst also add, .
,”Senator Babafemi Ojudu claimed in his own write up that he impersonated an Assistant Inspector General of Police based on the tutorial he got from Sunday Igboho. What! A known thug tutoring our own seasoned journalist how to commit a crime of impersonation. Seriously, in a saner clime this calls for some criminal proceedings.


Another person said  “I read it and waka pass……southerners and their sellout behaviour… wat is that write up meant to achieve?Portray Sunday Igboho as a thug or expose those who patronize thugs to win……l beg!….l dey waka pass jare!

“Lousy article to say the least. Needless grandstanding.”

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