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Aliko Dangote’s alleged side chick is dropping a lot of gist on Instagram


Aliko Dangote has been a subject in side-chicks drama which is gathering attention on social media.

It started when an Atlanta based woman, Bea Lewis, 33, sparked the social media drama after she surfaced online with a post to claim that she dated Aliko Dangote but he broke her heart into 1000 piece.

In an Instagram post shared on 31st December 2020, she said she has learnt a lot from dating the richest black man in earth which has transformed her perception about life and entrepreneurship.


“I dated the richest Blackman in the world and he broke my heart in a 1000 pieces. I learnt more from him than any person I ever met,” she wrote in a post that went viral.

Hours later, another lady with a newly created Instagram account, @allaround1 emerged claiming that Bea Lewis’ story is not true over reports that she is currently dating Aliko Dangote and that he denied having anything to do with Bea Lewis.

To support her claim, she dropped an alleged text from Dangote say.

                                    @allarounda1 alleged conversation with Dangote

To convince fans that she may have anything to do with the Nigerian billionaire, she also shared a video of him sleeping in an apartment, however, her face did not show in the video.

                                               post from Instagram

Aside from that, @_allarounda1 rained some praises on Dangote, claiming he was matured and so he didn’t have a problem with her going public with their relationship.

                                                @allarounda1 rain praises on Dangote



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