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Lagos Speaker Mudashiru Obasa Debunks Sowore Allegations

Our attention has again been drawn to a tweet by Omoyele Sowore, a failed serial blackmailer, indicating, carelessly, that the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly sent thugs to disrupt a rather peaceful protest engaged in by our youths to drive home a campaign to #EndSARS.

It is really laughable that Sowore, knowing so well that he has failed in a bid to make himself relevant to the youth as fighting their course, has resorted, like a confused ram, to seek to for a safe passage with cooked-up falsehoods.

How can anyone in his right senses even
believe that Obasa, who turned up late night at the House of Assembly on Thursday, October 8, to identify with the protesters would now sponsor thugs to disrupt the decision of the masses part of whom he represents as a lawmaker?

For a person like Sowore, one would understand; his consistent blackmails have failed to yield a positive result, his plan for a revolution has constantly hit the rocks because the good people of Nigeria see beyond his greedy eyes, the ENDSARS campaign began without anyone reckoning with him or even seeing him as important enough. Thus, he must make himself relevant though any means.

Funny enough, while he tweeted that the Speaker was behind the sponsorship of the thugs, his medium, Sahara Reporters claimed it was the Lagos State Government and this was after photographs were shown to him of the Speaker, who is out of town, is at a budget retreat.

Recall that Sowore had, over the last few days made moves to paint some youths playing major roles in the protest in bad light. He has accused some of them of making billions from the EndSARS negotiation.

We are encouraged by the words of Reno Omokri, who, in reply to Sowore’s allegations against the youth heads, said Omoyele Sowore is just pained that RevolutionNow flopped and the current protest has become a success.

“Omoyele Sowore is a common blackmailer and I am sure a lot of you know this fact. He’s tried to blackmail me before, he’s blackmailed so many other people with his Sahara Reporters, they write lies…”

It is on record that the Speaker conveyed an emergency sitting of the members of the House of Assembly on Friday, October 9, after which a 7-point demand was made by the lawmakers, one of which was the disbandment of SARS. The House further called for investigation of the officers involved in the extra-judicial killings of some Nigerians.

The House and Speaker Obasa will continue to do whatever it legally takes to stand behind Nigerians at all times.

Speaker Obasa’s media office.

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