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AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef, Ex-Lagos Commissioner, (Iyepe) Returns to APC

Following a meeting with leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos, former Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef, has withdrawn his resignation letter from the party.

AbdulLateef hinged his resignation from the ruling party to the rejection of his movement by some “close leaders” he respected in the party.

The one-time lawmaker launched Iyepe 2023 on September 29, a movement to galvanise Lagosians to develop more interest in politics and curb voter’s apathy.

The party leaders urged him to return to the party because it could not afford to lose someone of his status.

Among those in attendance at a meeting in Ikeja GRA were Lagos APC chairman, Alhaji Tunde Balogun; leaders of the Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC), including Prince Tajudeen Olusi; former Deputy Governor Prince Abiodun Ogunleye, Prince Rabiu Oluwa, Alhaji Bushira Alebiosu and Omoba Murphy Adetoro.

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The party stalwarts assured AbdulLateef of support to his move to galvanise more members for the party and making it stronger.

They also reconciled him and some party leaders that do not buy into his project, urging them to work in unison.

A source at the meeting said: “APC can’t afford to let go some of the big people that drive supports for the party.

“Hon Iyepe is a blessing to the party. He has done much to move the party forward. We cannot at this time allow him to just go like that. If there are issues, we resolve them. That is why the machinery of GAC was put in place to amicably resolve differences.”

Another source described AbdulLateef as a grass root mobiliser.

“His kind is rare in the party. He has for a long time combined party’s affiliation with religious propagation and has not been found wanting.

“He is a big fish in the party and commands large followers. We cannot allow such a person to leave our party due to issues we can sit on a round table to iron out. I commend the party leaders for taking a bold step to quickly bring him back to our fold,” he said.

AbdulLateef declined to talk after the meeting.

When pressed further, he simply said: “it is true that I have agreed to return to the party

The claim that Barrister AbdulAkeem AbdulLateef is not aiming to be a governor; he is just looking for relevance may be true after all. He has decamped again, back to APC.

Now, he has gone back to his former party,APC. For an Islamic Cleric,who hooked between Politics and Islam; has failed some followers that thought “IYEPE 2023” is real.

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