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Ekiti Community Accuses Fayemi of Imposing Friend as Monarch

The indigenes of Orin Ekiti, in Ido/ Osi local Government area of Ekiti State has rejected the installation of Mr Adeniran Oluwafemi Ajibewa as the new monarch of the community.
The indigenes of the town from Famokiti and Olubunmo royal families who accused Governor Kayode Fayemi of imposing his friend as the monarch against the extant laws and tradition, said there wasn’t any royal family bearing Ajibewa in the history of the town, where the new monarch emerged.
The position became vacant since the demise of Oba Oluwole Olubummo III, on February 10, 2015.

Addressing a press conference in Ado Ekiti on Tuesday, an elder in the town, Mr. Oluwafemi Fadipe, said the government had allegedly sowed the seed of discord and acrimony in the town with the government’s action.
“I have never seen a situation whereby Olorin will be installed this way. There is a saying that it is in Ado Ekiti that Ewi will be installed, but Olorin is now being installed in Ado Ekiti. This is distasteful.
“How could government assumed the position of kingmakers through warrant chiefs in a town where there are traditional kingmakers? Oluwafemi Adeniran Ajibewa was never the choice of the community, it was a case of fraud. The Morgan report of 1978 recognised only Famokiti and Olubunmo. Is this the way they want to restore our values in Ekiti?”.

He added further; “The kingmakers didn’t partake in the installation. Even if you see the kinds of people they selected as warrant chiefs, you will be appalled and disappointed. We advise the government to study how Obas are selected and stop introducing politics and desecrating the Olorin stool.
“Installation is a big traditional event, but it has been reduced to a political chessgame. People are not happy, but we are pleading for peace. We respect the governor for being highly educated, the Deputy Governor too a Lawyer, so we were marveled about why they took this step.

“They must reverse the action and if they fail to hearken to our demands, we will go to court”.
Also speaking, a Prince from Famokiti ruling house, Mr. Olufemi Dada, said he had witnessed installation of three Kings and was never shabbily done this way, saying the result of Justice Jide Aladejana Judicial panel of enquiry confirmed that two ruling houses were in existence.
“The gazette that established the Ajibewa ruling house was never signed by kingmakers , it was a product of forgery.

“The installed Oba is still abroad, this further showed that tradition had been badly abraded and disrespected? The warrant chiefs selected were Okada riders and street urchins. The governor was only using Obaship position to pacify friends and political associates”, he alleged.
But, the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Prof. Adio Folayan, who debunked the allegations, noted that installation of Ekiti monarchs under Fayemi was devoid of politics, but based on merit.
He said Ajibewa’s appointment followed due process, adding that his choice was approved, following his selection by the Warrant Chiefs, who found him the most suitable candidate to occupy the throne.

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