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Klopp Picks His Preferred Football Star Between Ronaldo And Messi

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has chosen his preferred player between the two leading stars in Soccer. Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo.

Recall that Messi and Ronaldo have shared eleven out of the last 12 Ballon D’or awards.

According to Klopp, although he admires Ronaldo a great deal, he will pick Messi over him.

“For me Messi, but I couldn’t admire Ronaldo more than I do already,” Klopp was quoted as saying on YouTube channel freekickerz

The German said that having faced both kings of football, Messi makes playing football “so simple.”

He, however, noted that Ronaldo’s physical abilities cannot be downplayed.

The Reds boss said he likes the Argentina international a “little bit more as a player on the pitch,” while not ruling out that the Portuguese is “an absolutely incredible player.”

Both Messi and the Euro 2016 winner have had a long-lasting career, leaving their footprints, the Liverpool boss explained.

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